Art-tattoo in Zaporozhye

Drawing pictures on the body is an ancient art. Tattoo is one of the various ways to manipulate the human body through the violation of the integrity of the skin with sharp (cutting) tools. Then the dyes are injected into the skin in order to obtain stable and non-vanishing patterns.

Unlike other ways of changing appearance, the tattoo, as a rule, remains for life and carries not such simple information as it seems at first. You must be very responsible approach to the selection of symbols that you want to put on your body. There are inherent confusions with the symbols. It is also believed that the tattoo is one of the ways to express yourself and to present yourself as you want. Perhaps, it tells something new about you.

One of the types of tattoos is an art-tattoo. A feature of it is that it is created by professional artists in our salon. They could create a worthy competition to the real artists, but unlike them, they put their works of art on the human body. Our beauty salon TV Style provides the services of art-tattoos.

Prices for atr-tattoo in Zaporozhye:

  • The area of 1 square centimeter
    25 UAH
  • The square of the matchbox
    400 UAH
  • The square of cigarette pack
    500 UAH

These tattoos allow you to fulfill any whim and realize the most extraordinary picture on the client’s body. But the main specificity of the art-tattoos is that this kind of art is affordable only to professionals. This kind of tattoos is more labor-consuming than usual, because it is necessary to be professionals of the highest class here. So, such professionals are in TV Style.

Before you apply art-tattoo you should consult with an experienced professional of TV Style in order to take into account all wishes and to draw more than one sketch.

The art-tattoos can be of two types: layered and full-color. Main features of layered tattoos are: chaotic or ordered distribution on the skin, realistic objects with other drawings or some special background. It is characteristic that the background performs the connecting function and the basis for the application of the layers below. In this case, the upper layers are white or bleached skin fragments, etc.

The second kind of the art-tattoo is a full-color tattoo. They are applied on the background of monotonous black substrate in the form of specific animalistic images. Sometimes, some kind of ornament can be the basic. It will look very interesting too. In the future, you will be able to carry out completion with the subsequent wishes.

Художественная татуировка в Запорожье

Drawing of art-tattoo is a very serious step. You need to weigh all the pros and cons before you decide on this.

You need to know that tattoo is not just a body adornment, but also a way of self-expression. Express your style with TV Style!