Cavitation in Zaporozhye

There are a lot of methods of losing weight. And every year there are more and more new. For example, recently I saw the advertisement of fitness for lazy people. Are you interested what is it? This is cavitation. You can try cavitation in the beauty salon “TV Style” of Zaporozhye.

Cavitation is the apparatus for reducing the volume of the body. That is, you lie and lose your weight.:) But this is not everything so. To be honest, everything is not so. For example, cavitation is equal to liposuction. In fact, the waves of the cavitation are really destructive to the fat cells, but it does not happen so quickly.

Prices for cavitation procedures:

  • Cavitation of abdomen / buttocks / hips
    500/800/800 UAH
  • Cavitation of "the second chin"
    300 UAH

Typically, there are required 10-15 procedures with an interval of 7-14 days. And diet is required too. As You know, if the fat cells are destroyed, it is necessary to accelerate the excretion of toxins. The body begins to do it on its own – due to the work of the liver and kidneys. Therefore, if you have stones in the gall bladder or kidney, the procedure of cavitation may not seem so safe. 100% contraindication to cavitation is the presence of tumors in the body, even benign, for example, myoma.

What is the benefit of the cavitation procedure?

But if you do not have such problems, cavitation can be a good assistant in struggle against excess weight. You must follow a diet. It is advisable to add lymphatic drainage massage in order to quickly remove excess fatty tissue. And the result will pleasantly surprise you.

If You still have questions regarding cavitation in Zaporozhye, you can ask them in the beauty Studio “TV Style”.

We wish beauty and health to you.

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