Classic massage in Zaporozhye

Classical massage — is one of the types of massage which provides our beauty salon TV Style in the city of Zaporozhye. This type of massage is the most popular in the Western world. Depending on the client’s needs the classic massage can be quite gentle and slow or hard and intense. This of course depends on what kind of technique the professional own. But the specialists of our salon own a variety of techniques.

Standard session of classic massage usually lasts approximately 50-60 minutes. If the client has specific problems either with muscles or with joints it is recommended to extend the session for 15-30 minutes.

The usual session of classic massage is as follows: regardless of the type of the massage, the specialists of TV Style lubricate the client’s body with massage oil. Then the specialist makes the massage movements of varying strength which relax, warm up and relieve tension. This type of massage promotes physical and psychological relaxation, which is also very important.

Prices for classic massage in Zaporozhye:

  • Collar zone
    150 UAH
    Classic massage of collar zone (40 minutes)
  • Back
    150 UAH
    Massage of back (40 minutes), classic
  • Feet
    150 UAH
    Massage of feet in Zaporozhye (40 minutes)
  • The whole body
    250 UAH
    Massage of the whole body which lasting 60-80 minutes

For security purposes, the massage therapist of TV Style asks about whether there is any injury or illness in order not to cause discomfort to the client and not to injure him. You should make clear to the therapist what kind of massage you need, its intense or soft. It will give the opportunity to get what you want. Classic massage, like any massage, is not recommended if you are sick, even if you have the common cold. During the massage, you can ask to pay attention to a particular part of the body which, in your opinion, should be given more attention. If you have any kind of discomfort you need to report about this too.

Classic massage includes a number of basic techniques, among them: patting, rubbing, kneading, vibration.

Patting means the massaging of a certain area of the body. It is carried out with one or two hands, fingertips, rear surface of the palm or fingers. It is carried out slowly, rhythmically, along the course of the bloodstream. In fact, the massage begins and ends with this technique.

Классический массаж в Запорожье

Rubbing is performed by fingers, base of palm and edge of palm, fist, with one or two hands at the same time. It is carried out longitudinally, transversely or circular. This phase of the massage is used for preparing the skin for the next step — kneading, which combines with rubbing.

Kneading is the main and the most difficult moment of the massage. The technique consists of grasping, lifting, squeezing and stretching of skin. Kneading starts with easier kneading, then goes to deep, combined with the patting, without twisting and pinching.

Vibration — is oscillatory movements of the body. It can be intermittent and not intermittent. It is very important that the specialist had professional skills. The therapists of the TV Style have such skills of massage.

An important rule of any stage of the massage is that the muscles were maximally relaxed.

Come to the beauty salon TV Style and see that we do the best classic massage and not only it.