Mesotherapy in Zaporozhye

A fashionable method of rejuvenation – mesotherapy – is an intradermal injection of treatment solutions. You can try out mesotherapy in the beauty salon Studio “TV Style” of Zaporozhye.

All funds for mesotherapy are available in ampoules or vials which containing the active substances or their combinations. These drugs are produced specifically for mesotherapy in cosmetology. There are complexes which containing vitamins, microelements, biostimulants, antioxidants, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts.

The results of mesotherapy

The results obtained after mesotherapy consists of the following effects. With the help of injections the doctor is able to inject the right drug in the exact dose to those areas and depth of the body where necessary to solve a specific problem. If the goal is the elimination of local fat deposits, it is necessary to inject the substances, whose action is directed at activating the processes of lipolysis (cleavage of fat molecules).

If the goal is to combat stretch marks, we need the substances which stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. If the goal is to reduce the signs of rosacea – we need the vitamin complexes. If the goal is to reduce the fine mesh of wrinkles under the eyes – we need the peptide complexes.

If the goal is to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation – we need the preparations containing succinic acid. If you need to solve the problem of hair loss, if hair is brittle and dry, then we should to choose the complexes for the scalp.

  • Prevention of aging processes
    1 000 UAH
    (Dermaheal SR 1 ml, South Korea
  • Correction of fatty tissue of the face
    700 UAH / 4500 UAH
    (Dermaheal LL mezo, South Korea 1 ml) / (Mesosculpt, USA 1 ml)
  • Correction of the periorbital area
    700 UAH / 4200 UAH
    (RRS HA EYES, SPAIN 1 ml) / RS (Mesoeye 171, USA 1 ml)
  • The treatment of hair loss
    500 UAH / 1200 UAH
    (Dermaheal meso, South Korea 1 ml) / (Meso Genesis BP3, USA 2.5 ml)
  • The treatment of periorbital hernias
    1600 UAH
    (Dermaheal eyebag solution 1 ml)
  • The treatment of hyperpigmentation
    800 UAH / 1800 UAH
    (Dermaheal SB, South Korea 1 ml) / RS (Aqualin BR 1 ml)

Correctly selected mesotherapy is highly effective!

In addition, during mesotherapy the skin receptors are stimulated with a needle. In response to this irritation occurs the local improvement of blood microcirculation. The injection of a needle is also a minor injury. In response to it in the area of damage, the healing processes are started. This stimulates the growth of new, young cells. So correctly selected mesotherapy is highly effective.

If you have more questions regarding mesotherapy in Zaporozhye or, for example, biorevitalisation, you can ask them in the beauty studio “TV Style”.

We wish beauty and health to you.