Piercing in Zaporozhye

Piercing is one of the most fashionable trends in body adornment. It is also believed that this is one of the variants of body modifications, namely the creation of a puncture in which wearing ornaments. Our beauty salon TV Style — provides such services.

The art of piercing takes its roots long ago. But earlier this procedure was more common among the strong half of humanity. Such distinctive symbols on the human body were talking about his belonging to a particular rank or tribe or demonstrating authority, power, courage and strength.

Now body piercing performs erotic and decorating functions. The most popular places for piercing are: ears, navel, tongue, eyebrow, nose, lips, etc.

Prices for piercing in Zaporozhye:

  • Navel, eyebrow, lip (without earring, with anesthesia)
    200 UAH
    Piercing of navel, eyebrow or lip with anesthesia
  • Nose, ears
    200 UAH
    Piercing of nose or ears
  • Tongue
    250 UAH
    Piercing of tongue
  • The cost of the earring
    50 UAH
    the cost of the earring for piercing

The procedure of piercing is quite simple. You select the part of the body, in which will be piercing, then pierced the hole and inserting the object into it. It can be with different materials such as ivory, metal, plastic, etc. It is also possible that a small rod with a pearl, a diamond or with another stone at the end is passed.

The modern piercing industry offers a huge number of different jewelry made of different precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) or sometimes of surgical steel which is considered optimal. For all that the decoration can be in the form of rings, clips, pins, chains and needles — smooth or embossed, simple or complex, combined.

The most common piercing is in the lobes of women’s ears, but sometimes it is found among men. The puncture of lobes can have a diameter up to 3 cm or, for example, a variety of earrings in the cartilage. If a puncture of lobes heals up to 3-4 months, then in the cartilage it heals up to 6 months.

Пирсинг в Запорожье

Piercing in intimate places is done in order to enhance sexual feelings. But you need to be extremely careful with this type of piercing in order not to harm your health.

You need to look very carefully at the places of punctures in any case and properly monitor their purity. There are contraindications to the piercing. It is contraindicated during exacerbation of any chronic diseases, at elevated temperature, with poor coagulability of the blood and in the presence of allergic reactions to lidocaine group preparations. Very seriously and responsibly refer to the choice of who will do the piercing for you. It is very important. In Zaporozhye, our beauty salon TV Style is one of the best.

It is important when deciding to do the piercing or not, to realize that it will be a change of image. So take innovation with full seriousness. We wish you successful choice and pleasant changes of appearance with TV Style.