Татуаж в Запорожье

More often, tattoo means applying to the skin an indelible color drawing by one or two connected needles with dyes. Tattooing is done for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, namely masking of seams, burn marks, scars, etc. Our beauty salon TV Style provides services of tatooing.

The tattoo on the face is the usual procedure nowadays that is casually accepted. Quality tattoo of eyebrows or lips can change the appearance for the better by adjusting those traits that nature has not worked. With its help, the lips become more vivid and the eyes and eyebrows – more expressive. It gives a harmonious appearance to the face and image of personality as a whole.

Tattooing has a number of contraindications that you need to know before starting the process of improvement. For example, you are sick with diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, moles and birthmarks in the working area, etc. This is not the whole list. So it is necessary to consult with experts of TV Style in order to be all hundred percent safe.

Prices for tattooing in Zaporozhye:

  • Lips
    1000 UAH / 900 UAH
    . (contour + feathering) / (only the contour of the lips)
  • Eyebrows
    800 UAH
    eyebrows tatooing
  • Eyelids (upper)
    600 UAH
    upper eyelids tattooing
  • Eyelids (lower)
    500 UAH
    lower eyelids tattooing

Let’s consider in more detail the procedure of eyebrow tattooing. Most often it is classified as follows: hair-tatoo of eyebrows and soft feathering. In the first case, it is important carefully to draw hairs of a specific size in place of eyebrows. This technique is used only in the case if eyebrows are quite rare.

In the second case, it is the application of a special line, which is most similar to the colored eyebrows. These manipulations are carried out in order to achieve the effect of thick eyebrows of desired shape. The most important thing is that the first and the second techniques give the ability to make eyebrows natural, thick and clear. Considering these eyebrows near, it is extremely difficult to distinguish them from the real ones. It is very important that doing tattooing of eyebrows with the help of techniques, the master strives to give them a natural look, not just draw them.

Using of high-quality pigment when applying tatoo is the basis of the basics. It does not cause allergies and will much longer delight with beautiful outlines on the face. For today, the choice of pigments is very extensive. And it all depends on what expert you will choose and how subtly he comes to this matter. Therefore, among a large number of specialists of Zaporozhye choose our beauty salon TV Style. Because our pigments that used for tattooing have a mineral origin.

Татуаж в Запорожье

The main thing in carrying out the tattooing procedure is the correct selection of the pigments, the features of the body and the care of the tattoo on the face. In general, it may last from three to five years. Then it is just gradually clarified and the procedure can be repeated if you desire.

Tattooing is not so simple, but interesting procedure which will give you the opportunity to become more beautiful.