A radiowave in Zaporozhye

The hardware methods of rejuvenation are very popular now. And devices for it are more and more every month. But if a new devices need to prove itself, there are those ones that are already known for a long time and have shown good results and high safety over time. These include radiowave lifting.

Now it is used in cosmetology to lift the skin of the face and body. But this lift is not a surgical. The essence of the method is that the radiowaves stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. It is these fibers that provide skin tone. To see the effect you need to have a course of procedures. It is 4-8 sessions with an interval of 7-14 days.

The procedure is comfortable and painless. But it is not suitable for everyone. It is contraindicated at all for you if you have oncology or autoimmune pathology. If you have implants (even teeth) it is nessesary to look at individual tolerability. If it is good, then the procedure is not contraindicated for you.

  • Face lifting
    500 UAH
    Radiowave face lifting
  • Lifting of the stomach
    500 UAH
    Radiowave lifting of the stomach
  • Lifting of the buttocks
    600 UAH
    Radiowave lifting of the buttocks
  • Lifting of the hips
    600 UAH
    Radiowave lifting of the hips

According to my own observations, I can conclude that, certainly the effect is more visible. As for the lifting of the skin on the body, especially after weight loss, it is better to complement it with mesothread. In general, hardware cosmetology gives much better results if used as mono method and in combination with other methods of rejuvenation in cosmetology.

If You have more questions regarding radiowave lifiting, You can ask them to me in the hairdresser’s salon”TV Style” of Zaporozhye.