Botox in Zaporozhye

Let’s talk today about the procedure, which lasts 15 minutes. But many people are afraid it for the first time. Intrigued? The procedure called Botox. You can try Botox in the beauty salon of Zaporozhye Centre of cosmetology “GraAl” .

In the beginning, people are afraid it, because the drug is called botulinum toxin. They think that it is toxic, poisonous. In fact, there is such dose of the drug in the procedure which must multiply 500 times to become lethal for you. Then people are afraid, because they read or heard about the complications that appeared after wrong injection. It is possible, so you need to go to the doctor-cosmetologist, whom you trust.

Despite the abundance of information on the Internet for the past ten years, I often hear the phrase «Is it possible to fill the lips with Botox?». The answer is «Yes? You can. But You will not be able to talk from 3 to 6 months because the lips will stop work. If this is the dream of your husband, then you can do it of course.

Prices for Botox procedures in Zaporozhye

  • Correction of the 1st zone (forehead/crow’s feet) (womens dosage)
    от 2000 UAH
  • Correction of the 1st hyperhidrosis zone (armpits/palms/feet)
    7800 UAH

In fact, the function of Botox is not to pump up smth. It must “turn off” the function of muscle, which participates in the formation of certain wrinkles. For example, we need to turn off the muscles-corrugators if you do not want wrinkles of anger on the bridge of the nose which familiar to many. But the patient does not have to know this. This is already the experience of the doctor cosmetologist. Excellent results with Botox are in correcting wrinkles of anger, crow’s feet around the eyes which have smiling people. Forehead wrinkles are smoothed out too. Many customers often said that they had not had such a smooth forehead even at the age of 20.

By the way, the procedure of Botox is very popular with men – 15 minutes and there are no wrinkles after 3 days and the effect lasts 3-6 months. Then all customers are not afraid of the procedure.

Botox: contraindications

Botox is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women. After the procedure it is important to remember that Botox is rapidly excreted under the influence of alcohol, saunas and even the frequent use of a hot hair dryer. So the effect that You liked, you will need to protect.

Injections of hyaluronic acid in Zaporozhye

For signing up for the injections of hyaluronic acid in the beauty salon in Zaporozhye, please call: (061) 283-08-04, (098) 299-26-22.

If You have more questions regarding Botox in Zaporozhye, you can ask them in the beauty salon Studio “TV Style”.