Filling of wrinkles

Usually, a woman buys a cream and believes that she will wake up for a couple of years younger in the morning. If she comes to a cosmetologist, she expects to relieve from ten years there. It is desirable for one procedure and inexpensive. But we, girls, are dreamers. Though procedures which give visible and very expressive effect for one procedure are exist.

This is the filler – filler of wrinkles, lips and cheeks. Fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, but its density is much higher here than in biorevitalization procedure. I told You about it earlier. But its functions are different here – it has to fill the wrinkle from inside as plasticine. So there is the question of price, which it is better not to save in this case.

You have to live with the filler at least a year. You can fill and large nasolabial folds and lift the corners of the lips with fillers. To remove the so-called wrinkles of sadness that give the face an expression of despondency.

  • Surgiderm 30 XP 1 ml, France
    3600 грн.
  • Diamond ultimate 1 ml, France
    3600 грн.
  • Aurelya 1 ml, Italy
    3800 грн.
  • Evolution Derm 1 ml, France
    3600 грн.

For smaller wrinkles –wrinkles around the eyes – the so-called crow’s feet – you need to take the filler with a minimum density. And you should to exclude the mechanism of their formation with the help of Botox. But this is not the case today.

Lips are also filled by fillers. Moreover, no client has said yet that she has enough lip volume. Everyone wants to have more magnificent lips. But it is not always necessary to do more magnificent lips. Sometimes it is enough to make a more curvaceous contour of the lips and the face is immediately changed. If You have any questions regarding fillers, you can ask them to me during a visit to the beauty salon in Zaporozhye «TV Style»