Peeling in Zaporozhye

Autumn is not far off. The summer sun left traces in the form of freckles, pigmented spots and the tone of the face is uneven after summer. Peeling was created to combat with all these problems. Mesotherapy and ultrasonic cleaning of the face in Zaporozhye you can try in the Centre of cosmetology “GraAl”

Acid peeling in cosmetology of Zaporozhye

70% of the acid peelings which are used in cosmetology in Zaporozhye are superficial. This means that they are less traumatic and safe. There are well-known to many people – milk, almond, salicylic, feruloyl. Here the cosmetologist chooses one according to the symptom. The milk one, if you want moisturizing; the almond and feruloyl ones, if the client would like to add radiance to the skin; and salicylic one, if there are occasionally inflammatory elements.

  • Peeling SESderma, Spain
    400 UAH
    (almond, glycolic, feruloyl, salicylic, milk)
  • Peeling with retinol SESderma, Spain
    700 UAH
  • TCA peeling (PHITOGEN, Italy)
    2000 UAH.

As for the treatment of rashes, one peeling will not be enough. Definitely you need treatment with a dermatologist, where peeling will only complement the treatment. Peelings, as well as treatment, will need to be made as a course. It can be from 7 to 14 procedures.

If a woman wants to get visible rejuvenation, then after 35 years, the peeling can be with retinol. It will give a good lift. Sometimes retinol adds to the peelings in order to treat acne.

Tips for choosing peeling for skin resurfacing

As for skin resurfacing – it is the alignment of texture of the skin. Especially if there are a lot of dimples after acne, you need not a superficial, but a medial peeling. Excellent results are obtained by trichloroacetic peeling. But everything is much more serious here.

Peeling is an aggressive procedure. So, it should not be done until October, when the sun is completely hidden. The recovery takes 1-2 weeks. You will need to take time off work. Because it’s better not to show up with this kind of view. But after this period, the result exceeds all expectations! The skin resembles the skin of a baby. But this peeling can be done 1 time per year and even not every year. It depends on your type of the skin. Someone can do this procedure 20 times for life, and for someone will be 5 procedures enough. This is determined individually.

If You have more questions regarding peeling in Zaporozhye, you can ask them in the beauty salon Studio “TV Style”.

We wish beauty and health to you.