The scientists found out one another effect of the Botox when discovered the possibility of using Botox in neurology to relieve muscle spasm and in cosmetology to turn off the mechanism of formation of some facial wrinkles. There has been the possibility of using Botulinum toxin in neurology to relieve muscle spasms, to treat torticollis in children or to relieve spasm of the facial muscles involved in wrinkle formation for several decades. But there is another important effect of Botulinum toxin.

If a stab is not intramuscular, but intradermally… it blocks sweating. But why we should block it – if it’s a natural process… Many people ask me. Yes, it is natural, if sweating is normal. But there are exceptions. You have repeatedly seen that some friends have wet hands during a handshake or they are forced to change their shirts 3-5 times a day. This is a problem, a real problem. In such cases, the intradermal injection of Botox solves the problem of 9-12 months.

Before the procedure you must make the sample to determine locations for the most intense injection of Botox. Then Botox pricks in the rest of the area with an interval of 1×1 cm as in chess. The sample is simple — starch with an iodine solution. Only the armpits, palms or feet can be pricked – as these are problem areas.

The problem of excessive sweating are often worried about men. Unfortunately, they often have resistance to the botulinum therapy. There was such a case in my experience too. As a rule, in the category of people who are not sensitive to Botulinumtoxin are those men who were vaccinated in the army from botulism. Moreover, it was in Soviet times. They did not know what they were vaccinated with and why. The Homeland said that it is necessary, so it means – necessary.

To determine the sensitivity to treatment with Botulinumtoxin you can only after seeing the effectiveness of procedure. The good thing is that the percentage of people who are not sensitive to Botulinum toxin is less than two percent. If You have more questions regarding Botox, you can ask them in the Centre of cosmetology “GraAl” .