Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

Over the years of work in cosmetology, I was faced with different situations. I believe that the questions that clients have about ultrasonic cleansing of the face are rather common. Such procedure as ultrasonic cleaning of the face is carried out in the Centre of cosmetology “GraAl”, in Zaporozhye.

Prices for ultrasonic cleaning of the facec in Zaporozhye

  • Consultation of the cosmetologist
    100 UAH
    Consultation of the cosmetologist will help you to choose the methods and drugs of procedure.
  • Чистка лица комбинированная (механическая + ультразвук)
    Combined cleansing of face
    400 UAH
    Combination of mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of the face

What is the cleansing of the face and why it is needed

People immediately have questions – do they need it in general; if it is necessary, then at what age, how often should it be done… and, oh God, it turns out that the cleaning can be manual and ultrasonic. So what must we choose? OK, all in good time.

Usually dry thin skin does not need cleaning at all. Neither manual nor ultrasonic. But the fatty porous skin needs it sometimes since 10-12 years or puberty period. The frequency of cleaning may vary. First, cleaning is necessary 1 time in 3-4 weeks, then once a month. Subsequently the cleaning of the face can already be done once a quarter, before a change of season.

The main signs that the skin needs cleaning are the criterias that YOU can determine by looking at yourself in the mirror. This is the increased oiliness of the skin, black dots which can be not only on nose but on the cheeks, forehead, chin, and inflamed elements of the face. These symptoms are inherent both female and male.

It just accepted that men should not go to cosmetologist. As a rule, their loving wives take care of them and doting mothers take care of boys teenagers. Women want to see their sons and men beautiful and healthy. Regarding the choice between ultrasonic and manual cleaning, I honestly want to tell You, that the ultrasonic without the addition of manual cleansing of skin pores can not cope on them own in 99% of cases.

Sometimes when cleaning the pores by manual cleaning cleans pores the depth of 1 cm. Ultrasonic cleaning acts on pores the depth of 1-2 mm. So ultrasonic cleaning will not be able to clean the skin from most elements. One day a client told me that she was assigned 10 ultrasonic cleanings. But, unfortunately, even for 10 cleansings the depth of influence of ultrasonic on the pores does not change. So there will be no the result.

But ultrasonic effect on cleansed pores gives the effect of the extension of the result from the procedure. Besides, there is no need to clean manually on the areas where the pores are small. It is work for ultrasonic cleaning.

If You still have questions regarding ultrasonic cleaning of the face in Zaporozhye, you can ask them in the beauty Studio “TV Style”.

We wish beauty and health to you.