Manicure in Zaporozhye

A promising innovation in the field of manicure has become a unique tool based on years of research and experiments – a gel-nail polish. Its main feature is the most successful combination of both polish and gel.

Prices for manicure in Zaporozhye:

  • Women’s classic
    50 UAH
    Women’s classic manicure
  • Women’s hardware
    70 UAH
    Women’s hardware manicure
  • Gel-nail polish
    100 UAH
  • Simple nail polish
    10 UAH
  • Men’s classic
    60 UAH
    Men’s classic manicure
  • Men’s hardware
    80 UAH
    Мужской аппаратный маникюр

Why women choose gel-nail Polish for manicure

This is an excellent alternative to the usual nail Polish! Unlike usual nail Polish, the gel-nail Polish lasts more than three weeks without loss of color, initial qualities and does not break off. Manicure of gel-nail Polish is ideal for people who have thin and brittle nails. Because under the protection of the gel-nail Polish nails quickly grow to the desired length. Sometimes, it is even much faster than the expectations of the client.

Gel-nail Polish does not require intensive nail treatment, which excludes the possibility of injuring a healthy nail plate. We offer a transparent coating (strengthening of the nail), color coating and a wide variety of “French” coating. Your nails won’t lose its dazzling brilliance. They will look perfect and luxurious for more than three weeks!

Also you will be pleased with the cost of hardware manicure in Zaporozhye and the quality of the pedicure. As the beauty Studio “TV Style” is a great combination of price and quality manicure in Zaporozhye.