Paraffinotherapy in Zaporozhye

Paraffinotherapy is one of the most pleasant and useful procedures for the skin care of the hands and feet. The beneficial effect of paraffin is evident immediately after the procedure – the skin becomes soft and smooth, acquires a well-groomed appearance. Paraffinotherapy in Zaporozhye you can make in the beauty Studio “TV Style”.

Prices for paraffinotherapy:

  • Paraffinotherapy of hands
    50 UAH
  • Paraffinotherapy of feet
    100 UAH

The best time for paraffinotherapy

Paraffinotherapy is especially good in the cold season when the skin on your hands is weathering and peeling off. Under the influence of the paraffin, dryness decreases, blood circulation is stimulated, tissues and ligaments are strengthened. Procedure is best for people with dry cuticles and skin. Paraffinotherapy of feet is recommended after a pedicure.

How does paraffinotherapy work?

Active ingredients of the pre-applied cream, due to heat, penetrate deeply into the skin and “sealed” with paraffin cover at a certain time. In the process of the uniform cooling of the paraffin, the skin pores are gradually closed and the active ingredients of the cream penetrate deeply into the skin.

In addition, the procedure relaxes and after the received relaxation, your skin of hands and feet will remain elastic and moist during the whole month. It will look charming and attractive with a manicure and pedicure from professionals in Zaporozhye.