Sugaring in Zaporozhye

Sugaring – is depilation with sugar paste. It is a very popular procedure in cosmetology in Zaporozhye. Sugaring can be made on any part of the skin and removes hair of varying length, removing fluff, hemp and ingrown hair.

Sugar depilation of bikini and armpits is also gentle and painless, as on other areas of the body. Paste texture is so gentle that the manipulation of hair removal on one area of skin can be repeated several times to achieve the most smooth effect without skin irritation, redness and damage. The removal procedure is carried out along the trajectory of growth of the hair follicle. So it does not break off and the possibility of “ingrown” hair is absolutely excluded.

Prices for sugaring in Zaporozhye:

  • ’Sugaring
  • Sugaring (or wax) of armpit/hands
    80-100 UAH
  • Sugaring (or wax) of bikini
    200 UAH
  • Sugaring (or wax) of mustache
    50 UAH
  • Removal of mustache with A NEEDLE THREAD
    50 UAH

With regular and systematic use of shugaring the hair follicles become weak and the hair grows thinner each time. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the pasta removes those hairs that are in the early stages of development.The technique of sugar hair removal is a manual movement along the growth of hair in the direction of massage lines. In other words, the specialist makes an easy venotonic massage, which stimulating blood circulation. The skin after the procedure is velvety, because it is actually after the sugar peeling.

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