Waxing in Zaporozhye

Naturalness in all things is in fashion again, including the natural growth of hair… But our women don’t want to put up with it. So, they are looking for ways to get rid of hair.

The most effective and most economical method is waxing. It can be done in the absence of allergy to the wax and in the presence of a specialist. The procedure is not pleasant, especially the first time. But the good news is that after 7-8 regular procedures, hair growth may decrease by 2-3 times, and soreness, respectively, too.

For waxing the hair length should be 5-7 mm. Going to the procedure of wax depilation, it is better to wear not an outgoing suit but something simpler. Sometimes microparticles of wax can get on clothes. Hair growth after waxing starts within 2-3 weeks. You can do the following procedure after 4 weeks.

Восковая депиляция в Запорожье: цены и процедуры

Removing the hair from its natural habitat, there may be consequences. Most often – it’s ingrown hair. As the hair weakens due to mechanical damage after waxing, sometimes it can not break through the skin, especially if the skin is tight. In such cases, ingrown hair must be removed, and in order to prevent you should make a mild scrubbing even at home. But I do not recommend to do the waxing at home. It’s just not convenient (especially to youself), and half of the apartments can be in wax! :) So it is better to trust a specialist.

The duration of the waxing depends on area of hair removal. Usually it is from 30 to 60 minutes. If You still have questions regarding waxing, you can ask them in the beauty salon Studio “TV Style” of Zaporozhye

We wish beauty and health to you.